Choose Your Water Treatment System

Choose Your Water Treatment System

Now that you know your water chemistry, flow rate, and pipe size, you can select your treatment system. You could choose the purchase based soley on the price, but there are other considerations as well.

Hire a Contractor or Buy Yourself?

Start by consulting the Water Quality Association website  for help in locating a Certified Water Treatment Professional in your area.

WQA certified professionals pass rigorous certification exams and conform to a code of ethics.  Recommendations and quotes from local water treatment companies usually include installation, as most water treatment dealers and contractors prefer to install the system for you and offer you routine service for an additional cost.

There can be advantages to hiring a qualified local water treatment contractor if they are certified and bonded and have the experience to solve your water problem. If you plan to save money on the installation and equipment costs and do it yourself, you can buy it yourself and hire a plumber to install it, or install it yourself.

Choosing Home Water Filters

Where to Buy?

Online websites such as and hundreds of others allow you to compare costs and features of various systems.  If you do basic plumbing or are willing to hire a plumber you can often save hundreds of dollars and end up with an excellent system. Many hardware stores sell water treatment equipment, as do big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Sears, etc.  Often these stores have limited selection and cannot treat complex or difficult water problems, but they can be a quick and easy solution for simple water problems for small homes and businesses. Plumbers and plumbing wholesale distributors often sell a limited selection of water treatment equipment direct to the public. Water treatment dealers will sometimes sell their equipment at a discount but typically they prefer to offer a total package of installation and service.

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