How to make a water filter

How to make a water filter

Well, some people just love to do things on their own and want to create a basic water filter because it is an interesting project for them. Others may want to make a water filter to fill an immediate need – perhaps they are camping out in the wilderness and the only muddy water is available.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make a water filter, here is how you can do it. Keep in mind that this hand-made filter is only good for clearing out mud and other visible particles in the water. It does not effectively remove bacteria or other contaminants that may be present.

You will need the following materials for making a water filter.

* A container. This could be, for example, a bottle of two to three liters capacity. If that is not available and you have to make do with what nature provides, how about using the bark of a tree? Craft the bark into a cone with a small hole at the end and tie it so that it retains its conical shape. You now have an adequate container for the filter.

* Activated charcoal. This may not always be readily available, but if it is, it adds significantly to the filter’s capabilities.

* Coarse sand and fine sand (separate – not mixed together).

* Coarse gravel and fine gravel (separately).

* Cotton. Alternatively, you can make do with pebbles.

The water filter will function with the bottle in inverted position. Cut off the bottom of the bottle. This is where you will pour the water in, once the water filter is done.

Block the pour spout of the bottle (which is now at the bottom) with cotton. This is to prevent the filtering materials from falling out of the bottle. If cotton is not available, use a couple of inches of pebbles for this purpose.

Right above the cotton, put in about an inch of fine sand. On top of the sand, place a layer of activated charcoal. Follow that up with layers of coarse sand, fine gravel and coarse gravel in order from bottom to top.

Your water filter is ready for use. Pour water into the top end of the filter and collect the filtered water at the bottom into another container.

The filtered water may be clear in appearance, but this very basic water filter will not remove many potentially dangerous contaminants. To make potable water, you need to further purify it.

Use the above outline of how to make a water filter to get clear water when you need it.

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